Musical Instrument Research Catalog

The Musical Instrument Research Catalog (MIRCAT) is a not-for-profit organization that exists to seek and administer funds in support of selected free online digital archives and databases serving researchers, collectors, makers, and caretakers of historical musical instruments and to foster the continual growth and improvement of those digital resources.

MIRCAT offers a select group of non-profit digital research initiatives by funding their technology expenses. This covers the cost of internet service providers and web development expertise for creating practical and intuitive online databases and other resources. Current client initiatives at various levels of development include the following:

Trophy from 1761 Kirkman harpsichord, Sigal Music Museum

MIRCAT Digital Archive 

An international, not-for-profit  online digital archive of information about musical instrument making, restoration, conservation, and care to foster future research. In development.

Organology  Resource Links

A collection of links to other databases, archives, dissertations, journals, and organizations of value in organological research

Historic Trombone Database

Based on information gathered from museums and private collections across the globe, this database catalogs trombones made before 1800.

Praetorius, Syntagma Musicum, 1614-1620

Langwill-Waterhouse Online

An interactive online edition of the standard index of historical wind instrument makers. This project is in development with public access planed for late 2023.